Sunday, December 16, 2007


USCGC HOLLYHOCK remains in port and was hard at work replacing the summer buoys this morning. At 1000 hours the crew had finished with Buoy 9 (the closest green buoy to the Mountfort Terminal) and moved to Buoy 11, making quick work of that before proceeding to Buoy 13, just north of the Old Ore Dock.

After Buoy 13 was finished the crew of the HOLLYHOCK slid sideways across the slip to Buoy 14 and would proceed to replace that buoy before getting Buoys 12 and 10, the red markers marking the western end of the navigation channel.

CLIPPER TOBAGO has finished loading the twelve tank cars delivered Friday and is sitting quietly now waiting the delivery of more cars so loading can continue.

The LANSDOWNE, which graced Erie's harborfront until the Port Authority evicted it in July, 2006, is featured on page B1 of the Erie Times News today. The LANSDOWNE now sits awaiting her fate in Buffalo, where she has been since being towed from Erie by the tug OHIO on July 16, 2006.

The Times News article quotes Port Authority Executive Director Ray Shreckengost as saying that he was not aware the barge was towed to Buffalo; he believed it was going to Toronto, where it was rumored to be headed throughout 2005 and into 2006. Shreckengost is quoted as saying that someone has "got to shoot the thing and put it out of its misery." In 2000 Shreckengost told the newspaper that the barge "looks fine to me."

HOLLYHOCK in Presque Isle Bay on Sunday morning.

HOLLYHOCK in Presque Isle Bay on Sunday morning.

Lifting Buoy 11.

At the site of Buoy 13.

Lifting the winter marker for Buoy 13.

Marker goes over the side.

Moving the buoy into position.


With the HOLLYHOCK in the background.

Waiting for another load.

LANSDOWNE in Buffalo on November 1, 2006. The LANSDOWNE has since been moved to a more prominent spot on Buffalo's waterfront, along US Route 5, as the article points out. The LANSDOWNE will likely remain there for a while, as Buffalo already has a convention center that is nowhere near the site. However, the article errs in saying that the LANSDOWNE is now near HSBC Arena and Dunn Tire Park, as the vessel is moored at least three miles west of downtown Buffalo.

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