Thursday, July 31, 2008


PINEGLEN is now resting on the blocks at Erie Shipbuilding for repairs. There is a small crane in drydock and crews today were working at the stern of the vessel. The exact nature of the repairs is unknown at this time.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


SONGA PEARL, the next biodiesel tanker expected in port, is currently westbound in the St. Lawrence River bound for Hamilton, Ontario with petroleum products. After unloading in Hamilton, the 2008-built PEARL will sail for Erie, where it is currently expected on August 6 to load biodiesel.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

VICTORY, KUBER Visit; Two Deck Barges Emerge as PINEGLEN Enters Drydock

Tug VICTORY and barge JAMES L. KUBER (formerly the steamer RESERVE) arrived in port this morning at 0115 and began unloading stone from Calcite at the Old Ore Dock. The KUBER finished unloading at around 0930 and spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon hours undergoing repairs at the Old Ore Dock before departing for Stoneport at 1615 this afternoon.

This morning Lakeshore Towing tugs FLATTOP and DON HENRY entered Erie Shipbuilding at around 0815 and emerged with the newly-built deck barge ESB 112 in tow. The trio slowly worked its way west of the West Slip, at which time the PINEGLEN backed away from the slip. FLATTOP and DON HENRY then moved ESB 112 into the southeast corner of the West Slip. After completing that, the duo moved the next deck barge, ESB 113, into position astern of ESB 112. PINEGLEN then proceeded bow-first into the drydock, securing at the south end of the drydock. Crews at Erie Shipbuilding immediately began pumping the drydock out, allowing the PINEGLEN to settle on the blocks in the drydock.

JAMES L. KUBER unloading this morning.

Another view.

PINEGLEN backing away from the West Slip.

ESB 112 being towed into the West Slip.

Moving the barge into the slip.

Pushing the barge.

Stern of the barge approaching the pier.

Close up of FLATTOP and DON HENRY.

Returning for ESB 113.

FLATTOP pulls ESB 113 into the West Slip.

Another view.

PINEGLEN moves into the drydock.

In the drydock with the gate being winched back into place.

KUBER at dock this afternoon.

Backing away.


KUBER in the channel.

Stern view.

JAMES L. KUBER still maintains the classic lines of the steamer RESERVE.

One VICTORY leads another VICTORY outbound. These are two of 84 vessels named VICTORY registered in the United States.

Monday, July 28, 2008


PINEGLEN arrived in Erie this afternoon at 1345, was escorted into the harbor by Lakeshore Towing's tugs FLATTOP and DON HENRY and docked in the West Slip this afternoon. Tomorrow, PINEGLEN will be moved into drydock at Erie Shipbuilding for repairs.

PINEGLEN underway in Lake Erie approaching Erie harbor.

Another view.

Stern view.

At buoys 3 and 4, approaching Erie harbor.

Another stern view of the PINEGLEN on her first ever visit to Erie.

PINEGLEN picks up an escort near the Mountfort Terminal.

Tug FLATTOP escorting the PINEGLEN through Erie harbor, standing by to assist if necessary.

DON HENRY (mistakenly identified by one of the PINEGLEN's wheelsmen as Don Cherry, after the CBC "Hockey Night in Canada" announcer) stands by the stern of the CSL bulk carrier.

Approaching the West Slip.

Stern view.


All secured for repairs at Erie Shipbuilding.

Another view.

CLIPPER LEGACY Departs; PINEGLEN, Two More Biodiesel Tankers Due

Loading of biodiesel aboard CLIPPER LEGACY finished this morning at around 0100, when Lakeshore Towing removed the oil boom from around the vessel at the Mountfort Terminal. The LEGACY, fully laden with biodiesel produced by Lake Erie Biofuels, departed at around 0600 this morning bound for Montreal, and eventually, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The next biodiesel tanker expected is the SONGA PEARL, expected around the 6th of August. After that, the CLIPPER KATJA is due sometime between the 18th and 20th of August.

The PINEGLEN, at this time, is at anchor off of Erie awaiting clearance from Erie Shipbuilding to proceed into drydock. The vessel should be in Erie sometime later this afternoon for repairs. The PINEGLEN, owned by Canada Steamship Lines, is the first CSL vessel to visit Erie since the LOUIS R. DESMARAIS wintered here during the winter of 1997-1998, and is the first CSL vessel to use the drydock since the DESMARAIS did the previous winter.

CLIPPER LEGACY underway in Lake Erie approaching Erie on Saturday.

Bow-on view.

LEGACY in the channel.

Stern view.

Starting to turn.

Turning in Presque Isle Bay.

Tug FLATTOP stands by as CLIPPER LEGACY turns.

LEGACY approaches the Mountfort Terminal.


Sunday, July 27, 2008


Loading continues on CLIPPER LEGACY this evening and the vessel should be finished at around 0100, when the oil boom is scheduled to be removed. The vessel will depart a short time later bound for Rotterdam.

Meanwhile, Canada Steamship Lines' PINEGLEN is scheduled to arrive in Erie late tomorrow afternoon and will be going into drydock at Erie Shipbuilding for unspecified repairs.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


CLIPPER LEGACY arrived off of Erie at 1000 this morning and proceeded inbound, turning in the harbor and docking at the Mountfort Terminal by 1130. The LEGACY is scheduled to load around 5,000 tons of biodiesel manufactured by Lake Erie Biofuels, bound for Europe.

After docking at the Mountfort Terminal, Lakeshore Towing's tug FLATTOP made quick work of deploying the oil-containment boom around the vessel and loading of biodiesel from rail cars began early this afternoon. The CLIPPER LEGACY should be in port until late tomorrow or early Monday loading.

Photos of today's activity will follow tomorrow.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Next Biodiesel Tankers Due

The next biodiesel tanker will not be CLIPPER LEANDER; rather, its fleetmate CLIPPER LEGACY is expected to be alongside in Erie at the Mountfort Terminal tomorrow at 1400.

After that, the SONGA PEARL is expected in port to load biodiesel on either August 5 or August 6.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Historical Arrivals: July 24

2003: CALUMET, with stone from Marblehead, arrives at 2330 to discharge at the Old Ore Dock.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


For those wondering what in the world this post might have to do with the subject of this blog, please keep reading.

According to a story published on Friday, July 18 in the Hamilton Spectator, Steve Smith, star of PBS' Red Green series, recently purchased a new houseboat in Mississippi, with plans to take the vessel back to his native Hamilton, Ontario via the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes. However, flood currents on the Mississippi River delayed the voyage in Kentucky, where Smith decided to have the houseboat disassembled, and, beginning July 27, trucked across several states.

The houseboat's final destination via truck is Erie, Pennsylvania, meaning Smith will likely get to Erie with the boat. Here in Erie, the houseboat will be reassembled, placed in the water, and sailed down the Welland Canal sometime in August.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The next biodiesel tanker, CLIPPER LEANDER, is due in Montreal on the 28th to unload, and afterwards will sail for Erie to load biodiesel. The LEANDER is due on July 30 or 31 to load the biodiesel, manufactured by Lake Erie Biofuels.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Next Biodiesel Tanker Expected

The next biodiesel tanker expected to port is due July 30 or 31. The CLIPPER LEANDER, built in 2006, is a near sister to the CLIPPER LANCER and will be loading for Rotterdam.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


At around 1330 this afternoon, under overcast, threatening skies, the tug W.N. TWOLAN shifted astern of barge McALLISTER 132 and hooked up to the barge. The TWOLAN, after nine days in port unloading paper products, followed the U.S. Brig NIAGARA out of port at 1400 today, bound for Sarnia, Ontario and eventually for Thunder Bay.

The tug was only in front of the barge due to the repairs completed to the PRESQUE ISLE last week; the repairs required the tug to move to make room for the cofferdam, barge 502 and PRESQUE ISLE.

TWOLAN backs away from the barge.

Turned and headed for the stern of McALLISTER 132.

Stern view.

Turning for the McALLISTER 132.

Brig NIAGARA passing.

NIAGARA departing Erie.

TWOLAN slowly moves the McALLISTER 132 away from dock.


Tug pushes the barge.

Stern view outbound Erie.