Monday, September 14, 2015


MANITOWOC is expected in Erie at 0300 on Tuesday with a load of stone.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


I am attempting to get caught up on two months worth of photos; please bear with me.

CHEYENNE and barge FARRELL 256, after 11 days working taking soil samples off of Cleveland, returned to Erie on Wednesday afternoon. The tug and barge took soil samples for LEEDCo, which is attempting to develop an offshore wind farm off of Cleveland.

CHEYENNE enters the West Slip on August 27. The tug would depart with FARREL 256 on the evening of the 28th.

Close up.

Stern view.


The classic canal tug approaches the dock in the West Slip.

Coming alongside.

Another view.

One last push from the wheel to get alongside.

PRESQUE ISLE finishing up a month's worth of repairs.

J.S. St. JOHN inbound on August 27.

Later on the 27th, ELIZABETH ANNA, Donjon's new ship assist tug stationed in Erie, returns to her dock on the east side of the shipyard after helping CHEYENNE shift the FARREL 256 to the north side of the shipyard.

The small tug makes 500 HP

Another view.

The small tug is to be used for ship assist work in the harbor.

Coming alongside.

PRESQUE ISLE outbound on August 28th.

A man parasails past the ship, which had been in Erie for repairs to her starboard propeller hub.

The ship's bow thruster wasn't working properly, leading her to take tug escorts up the St. Clair and St. Marys rivers, as well as in Duluth, on her first trip out.

Close up.

PRESQUE ISLE was able to spend so much time out of service for repairs due to sluggish demand for iron ore.

Close up of the tug.

The ship's crew seemed happy to be underway.

Stern view.


Next stop: Duluth.