Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Layup Update

Winter work has begun in earnest on the CASON J. CALLAWAY, EDGAR B. SPEER and PRESQUE ISLE. Tomorrow, Lakeshore Towing Services will sink the cofferdam for the PRESQUE ISLE and position it under the vessel; this was scheduled to be done today but was called off due to cold temperatures.

Work continues on the KEN BOOTHE SR. and today two exhaust funnels were added to the stack to direct engine exhaust and keep it from shooting straight up onto the back of the pilot house, as it has been over the past several weeks.

CALLAWAY at dock on Sunday afternoon.

Another view.

Stern view.

KEN BOOTHE SR. behind the CALLAWAY at Donjon.

Another view.

With the CALLAWAY.

Close up.

Straight on.

Another view of the 10,500 horsepower tug.

EDGAR B. SPEER at the Old Ore Dock.

Another view.

The SPEER, built in 1980, is one of the newest carriers on the Great Lakes.

105 feet wide.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thursday Videos - CASON J. CALLAWAY, tug MANITOU

Below are three videos of activity in Erie harbor yesterday. The first two are the CASON J. CALLAWAY's arrival, and the third is the movement of the KEN BOOTHE SR. I will post video from Wednesday's arrival of the PRESQUE ISLE and the move of the KEN BOOTHE SR. on Wednesday during the day tomorrow.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


CASON J. CALLAWAY arrived this morning from Detroit at 0745 and proceeded inbound, docking at the West Slip with assistance from the tug MANITOU.

CALLAWAY reported encountering little ice east of Pelee Passage until the vessel got outside of Erie. The 1953-built steamer is the first ship to use the West Slip since the PINEGLEN docked there overnight in July 2008.

By 0838 the CALLAWAY was secured at the dock and the tug MANITOU moved the KEN BOOTHE SR. back around the corner of the dock. The BOOTHE SR. is now docked directly behind the CALLAWAY.

MANITOU then proceeded outbound and broke ice near the PRESQUE ISLE to allow for installation of the cofferdam underneath the starboard side of the ship, possibly as soon as tomorrow. MANITOU departed at 0950 bound for Ashtabula, where it will assist the tug INVINCIBLE and barge McKEE SONS as that unit loads a coal cargo for Trenton, Michigan.

I am having problems getting the video from yesterday and today to upload and will post it once I am able.


Another view of the 767-foot long steamer.

Close up.

Breaking the ice that is well-broken already, having been opened by the SPEER and PRESQUE ISLE.

Into Presque Isle Bay.

Stern view.

Passing the PRESQUE ISLE.

Turning for the West Slip.

Manitou heads out to break ice around the CALLAWAY's starboard side.

Coming around the CALLAWAY.

CALLAWAY and MANITOU approach the dock.

Approaching the dock.

All secured.

MANITOU and KEN BOOTHE SR. begin to move around the corner.


Around the corner.

Into position.

MANITOU holding the BOOTHE to the dock so the yard's crew can secure the tug.

MANITOU breaking ice around the PRESQUE ISLE.

Turning for another pass.

Heading out of the harbor.

MANITOU outbound.

Stern view.


CASON J. CALLAWAY is currently about 10 miles northwest of Erie and is expected at the piers at 0800, headed to Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair for winter layup.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


PRESQUE ISLE arrived at 1730 this afternoon and docked at the Mountfort Terminal, with assistance from tug MANITOU, for winter layup.

CASON J. CALLAWAY is due at 0800 for layup at Donjon Shipbuilding. The MANITOU moved the tug KEN BOOTHE SR. to the north face of Donjon's yard at 1630 this afternoon. No word on whether or not the BOOTHE will be returned to her original position once the CALLAWAY arrives.

Once the CALLAWAY is docked the MANITOU will be departing Erie to return to Michigan.

I will post video tomorrow.


MANITOU backs away from the BOOTHE.


Pushing the stern against the dock.

And now pushing the bow.

Quickly motoring into the West Slip to break ice for the CALLAWAY.

Another view.

Returning to Presque Isle Bay to make another pass.

Stern view.

Back into the West Slip.

Coming up the slip.

MANITOU is 110 feet long, and a former Coast Guard icebreaking tug built in 1943.

Returning to the slip to moor to await the PRESQUE ISLE.


Another view.

Passing the lighthouse.

Close up.


EDGAR B. SPEER at dock.