Friday, September 5, 2014


Steamer CASON J. CALLAWAY arrived in Erie at 2100 on Thursday evening and proceeded slowly into the Old Ore Dock to unload stone from Cedarville, Michigan. This is the first time CALLAWAY has delivered cargo to the port of Erie since 1994, although the vessel spent the winters of 2005-06, 2007-08 and 2010-11 in the port.

CALLAWAY unloaded through the night, finished at 0535 and departed at 0615 bound for Stoneport and another cargo of stone. ARTHUR M. ANDERSON arrived at 2330, after slowing to allow J.S. St. JOHN to pass inbound, and proceeded to the Mountfort Terminal with stone from Calcite. This is the ANDERSON's first visit to the port in at least 25 years. ANDERSON, famous for being the last ship in contact with the ill-fated EDMUND FITZGERALD before the latter's sinking on November 10, 1975, spent the night unloading her cargo of stone before departing at 0745 bound for Cedarville, and the stone cargo awaiting her there.

With the visits from these two sisterships, as well as their sister PHILIP R. CLARKE in late August and fleetmate JOHN G. MUNSON in June, four steamships have now visited the port of Erie in 2014. This is the most in over a decade, and, with steamships on the Great Lakes an unfortunately dying breed, a rare treat for boatwatchers in a port that had not seen a steamship deliver a cargo since AMERICAN FORTITUDE in 2008, although CALLAWAY has spent the winter in layup here since then.

CASON J. CALLAWAY backs away from the Old Ore Dock this morning.

ARTHUR M. ANDERSON unloads in the darkness.

Turning to line up for the channel.

Passing the ANDERSON.

Close up.

Between the piers.

Stern view.

CALLAWAY passes Coast Guard Station Erie outbound.

Heading into the sunrise.

ANDERSON departs the Mountfort Terminal to turn in Presque Isle Bay.

Another view.

ANDERSON prepares to head outbound.

The 1952-built steamship glistens in the morning sunlight, which came out long enough for her departure.

Lining up for the channel.

ANDERSON, about an hour and a half behind her sister, prepares to head out.

Close up.

Stern view.

Passing the lighthouse.

Clearing the piers.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Two sisterships are due in Erie at the same time for the first time in many years this evening. CASON J. CALLAWAY, with stone from Cedarville, is expected in Erie at 2200 tonight. This is the first visit for CALLAWAY since she spent the winter of 2010-11 here.

An hour later, loaded with stone from Calcite, her sistership ARTHUR M. ANDERSON will be arriving. This is the ANDERSON's first visit to Erie in over two decades.