Monday, November 30, 2009


JOSEPH H. THOMPSON/JOSEPH H. THOMPSON JR. departed at 0130 this morning bound for Stoneport, Michigan. This is the duo's first visit to Erie since 2007.




Another view.

Stern view.

Passing the HARBOUR CLOUD.


Securing the vessel at the dock.

The first few tons of stone come off the boom at 1619.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


JOSEPH H. THOMPSON and tug JOSEPH H. THOMPSON JR. arrived in Erie at 1530 this afternoon with stone from Cedarville, Michigan. The duo slowly passed the HARBOUR CLOUD, which was still loading at the Mountfort Terminal, and docked at the Old Ore Dock at around 1600 to unload. The pair is still unloading at this time.

HARBOUR CLOUD is currently departing the Mountfort Terminal loaded with biodiesel bound for Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Photos will follow tomorrow sometime in the morning.


JOSEPH H. THOMPSON is now due in Erie at around 1500 on Sunday. The THOMPSON will dock at the Old Ore Dock as the HARBOUR CLOUD continues to load at the Mountfort Terminal.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Barge JOSEPH H. THOMPSON and tug JOSEPH H. THOMPSON JR, with stone from Cedarville, is due in Erie at 0900 on Sunday morning.

HARBOUR CLOUD continues loading today and should be departing sometime tomorrow.

Friday, November 27, 2009

HARBOUR CLOUD Arrives in Erie

HARBOUR CLOUD arrived in Erie today at 0725 on one of the Fall's coldest days thus far. The vessel, which had spent the previous four days anchored off of Port Weller for tank cleaning and awaiting pilotage, turned in Presque Isle Bay and docked at the Mountfort Terminal to load biodiesel. This is the tenth load of biodiesel from Hero BX (formerly known as Lake Erie Biofuels) to be shipped out of the port since 2007; one load went out in 2007, seven went out in 2008, and two have gone out in 2009. This is likely the last load to go out of the port this season, as the St. Lawrence Seaway will be closing in less than a month.

Lakeshore Towing put the oil containment boom around the HARBOUR CLOUD this morning at 0930 and loading commenced shortly thereafter. Loading should take more than 24 hours to complete.

HARBOUR CLOUD inbound Erie on a windy Friday morning.

Another view.

Close up of the 2004-built HARBOUR CLOUD, on charter to the Clipper Group.

Stern view. Note that the CLOUD's stack is painted completely black. .

Turning in Presque Isle Bay.

Turning. Note how close the vessel is to the green buoy in the foreground.


Turned and heading for the Mountfort Terminal.


Thursday, November 26, 2009


HARBOUR CLOUD has just gotten underway from her anchorage off of Port Weller and is currently inbound the Welland Canal. The vessel is looking to arrive in Erie at around 0600 on Friday to load biodiesel.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HARBOUR CLOUD Remains at Anchor

HARBOUR CLOUD remains at anchor off of Port Weller, Ontario and is now expected in Erie sometime tomorrow or Friday. I will update when I learn more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009

HARBOUR CLOUD Remains at Anchor

HARBOUR CLOUD remains at anchor off of Port Weller, Ontario cleaning its cargo tanks before proceeding to Erie to load. I have no idea at this time when the vessel will arrive in Erie.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


The second biodiesel tanker of the season, the Bahamian-registered HARBOUR CLOUD, departed Clarkson, Ontario at 1500 today bound for Erie to load. The HARBOUR CLOUD should be arriving in Erie sometime on Monday.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

KUBER Arrives; Layup News; Lakeshore Towing to Dredge Old Ore Dock Again

VICTORY and JAMES L. KUBER arrived in Erie this afternoon at 1215 and docked at the Old Ore Dock to discharge stone from Calcite, Michigan. This is the duo's season-leading fifth visit to the port in 2009. The MANISTEE and CALUMET are tied for second place with four visits each.

Two of the 13 thousand footers on the Great Lakes, the PRESQUE ISLE and EDGAR B. SPEER, will be spending the winter in Erie this year. The SPEER will dock at the Old Ore Dock and the PRESQUE ISLE will be at the Mountfort Terminal.

Beginning on December 2, Lakeshore Towing will be dredging the Old Ore Dock again. Dredging was just completed two years ago but the dock is silting in already, necessitating the dredging.

VICTORY/KUBER inbound. Note that the unloading boom is raised slightly to facilitate the removal of the hatch covers underneath it.

Close up.

Stern view. The boom is now returned to the cradle on deck.

Another view.

Turning for the Old Ore Dock.


Friday, November 20, 2009

MANISTEE Pays First Visit to Old Ore Dock Since RICHARD REISS Days; VICTORY/KUBER Due

MANISTEE arrived in Erie at 1645 and docked at the Old Ore Dock to unload stone from Calcite. After a short unload, the vessel departed at 2120. This is the MANISTEE's first visit to the port of Erie with stone, and its first visit to the Old Ore Dock since it's days as the RICHARD REISS with Erie Sand Steamship.

VICTORY/JAMES L. KUBER, with stone from Calcite, are expected in Erie at 1030 Saturday.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

MANISTEE Due; Another Load of Biodiesel to be Shipped

MANISTEE, with stone from Cedarville, is due in Erie at 1300 on Friday.

Another load of biodiesel is scheduled to be shipped from Hero BX (formerly Lake Erie Biofuels) through the port of Erie on November 24. The tanker HARBOUR CLOUD is due in Erie on the 24th and will be departing the following day. The HARBOUR CLOUD is currently on its way to Clarkson, Ontario to unload before sailing for Erie.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Erie Shipbuilding News

Today's Erie Times News is reporting that the Erie County Redevelopment Authority sued Erie Shipbuilding for almost $100,000 worth of an unpaid loan and interest.

The same article, meanwhile, reports that the Erie Western-Pennsylvania Port Authority is negotiating a lease for the shipyard with a new consortium of companies that includes Erie Shipbuilding, New York-based SMH Capital (an investment firm) and New Jersey's Donjon Marine, a former customer of Erie Shipbuilding's whose orders include the WITTE 4003 and several deck barges. The company negotiating the lease is known as Newco, which is not the name it will operate under; Newco is also the name under which Erie Shipbuilding first negotiated its lease with the Port Authority in October 2005.

Time will tell what the future holds for Erie Shipbuilding, however, one thing is certain: anything that brings more jobs and work to the facility will be better than what is occuring at the yard now - virtually nothing.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BOLAND Arrives

JOHN J. BOLAND arrived in Erie on its second visit of the year today, docking at the Mountfort Terminal at 1915 with stone from Calcite. The BOLAND will unload throughout the night and depart in the early morning hours.

Today, November 10, of note, marks the 34th anniversary of the sinking of the EDMUND FITZGERALD in Lake Superior.

Monday, November 9, 2009


JOHN J. BOLAND, with stone from Calcite, is expected in Erie at 1830 Tuesday evening.