Monday, October 31, 2011


AMERICAN COURAGE, with stone from Calcite, is expected in Erie at 0930 on Tuesday.

Friday, October 28, 2011


ROBERT S. PIERSON just arrived at the North Pier with sand from Thessalon. The vessel should be out later today.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

SALVOR, FARRELL 256 Drydocking Photos

ATLANTIC SALVOR and barge FARRELL 256 were drydocked last Saturday. However, due to problems blocking for the tug, SALVOR did not go into drydock until Monday. The duo is expected to remain in drydock until early December.

ATLANTIC SALVOR's tire fendering was cut off Friday afternoon, October 7.

Moving the FARRELL 256 into drydock on Saturday afternoon.

Another view.

SALVOR turns after dropping the barge in drydock.

Backing into the graving dock.

SALVOR, FARRELL and the new barge SEAJON ENTERPRISE in the graving dock Saturday evening.


Another view of the large globetrotting tug.

Close up.

With the setting sun.

Docked in the West Slip Monday awaiting the correct positioning of the blocks.

Another view.

ATLANTIC SALVOR's tire fendering was cut off Friday afternoon.

KEN BOOTHE SR. awaits the completion of its new barge in the West Slip.

Close up.

Stern view.

Friday, October 7, 2011


ATLANTIC SALVOR and FARRELL 256 are to be drydocked at Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair on Saturday morning and will remain in the drydock about a month.

I will post photos of the duo's arrival and the week's activity sometime tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

ATLANTIC SALVOR, Barge FARREL 256 Due; NIAGARA Drydocked in Cleveland

ATLANTIC SALVOR and crane barge FARREL 256 are currently weatherbound at Cape Vincent on the east end of Lake Ontario. The duo should be arriving Erie by afternoon on Monday.

U.S. Brig NIAGARA arrived at The Great Lakes Towing Company in Cleveland for drydocking on Monday and is expected to remain there most of this week. Below are photos of its arrival and drydocking.

NIAGARA arrives at Great Lakes Towing Company's Great Lakes Shipyard division on Monday, led by its tender.

Another view.

Close up of the NIAGARA.

NIAGARA's captain, Wes Heerrssen, supervises the docking operation.

Dockside on Tuesday.

Another view with Great Lakes Shipyard's offices and fabrication shop in the background. This photo, the one below, and the one above were taken from G Tug IOWA.

Stern view.

Drydock FAVORITE is flooded on Wednesday morning.

NIAGARA eases off the dock.

Stern view.

The vessel's tender is used to maneuver into the drydock .

The NIAGARA is almost into position for lifting to begin.

Starting to pump out the drydock and "lift" the NIAGARA.

High and dry.

Bow view.