Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sand replenishment to begin at last, at least one ship load due

Sand replenishment at Presque Isle State Park is FINALLY set to begin next week. The first phase of the project involves moving 16,800 tons of sand already built-up between the breakwalls and the beach, and placing it on other beaches.

The second phase involves receiving 31,400 tons of sand by ship from Thessalon, Ontario, with 6,000 tons remaining at the North Pier to be put down on the beaches later. According to the article Lafarge North America will be hauling the sand. However, as Lafarge owns no lake vessels and contracts most of their hauling out to Lower Lakes Towing, likely the MISSISSAGI, CUYAHOGA, MANISTEE or SAGINAW will be hauling this sand to Erie. Last year the MISSISSAGI made two trips, the CUYAHOGA and MANISTEE one each into Erie with sand.

However, none of these vessels carry more than 20,000 tons per trip, meaning at least two vessel loads are necessary. With low water levels, however, three trips may be necessary to haul 31,400 tons of sand into Erie harbor if all of the sand is deposited on the North Pier. Last year, however, the MISSISSAGI lightered her two loads at the Mountfort Terminal before shifting to unload most of the cargo at the North Pier, so two vessel loads is likely what Erie will see during this project.

Due to the placement of storage area at the North Pier, a ship with a forward-mounted unloading boom is necessary to reach the storage area. A vessel with an aft-mounted boom will not be able to reach the pile easily. I'm sure it's possible but it's not likely.

If by some chance another shipping company hauls the sand into Erie, it will more than likely be another Canadian operator. But, as Lower Lakes has always hauled this sand into Erie, they are the most likely to be delivering this sand.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Port Authority's state money may mean good news for Erie Shipbuilding, Oglebay Norton for sale, RESERVE due for barge conversion

According to an article in today's Erie Times-News the state's recently passed budget includes $2.6 million for the Erie Port Authority. According to the article some of this money may be used to replace a door on the drydock at Erie Shipbuilding, and replace a dock wall there. I believe the dock wall in question is in the Parade Street slip immediately adjacent to Oglebay Norton's Old Ore Dock.

In other Erie Shipbuilding news, Hull 101, the new dumpscow under construction for an East Coast firm, should taste water for the first time during the second half of August.

Oglebay Norton on Tuesday issued a press release stating that the company, to "maximize shareholder value" is looking into a possible sale or merger of the company. Thursday they announced that they are reviewing New York private-equity firm Harbinger's $31.00 per share offer for the company.

No idea what this means for O.N. Minerals' Erie Operation, which has already been rumored in local maritime circles to be up for sale. What this means for the future of commercial shipping in Erie remains to be seen. I will continue to follow this situation.

Steamer RESERVE, a frequent Erie visitor, has two more trips before laying up in Menominee, Michigan for conversion to a barge.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

LIMNOS Researching off of Erie

CCGC LIMNOS just called Sarnia Traffic to inform them that they are currently on a research station 8 miles west of Presque Isle light. The LIMNOS may dock in Erie tonight; at the moment I'm not sure.

Friday, July 20, 2007


ADAM E. CORNELIUS, with stone from Cedarville, is due in Erie at 2100 tomorrow night.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

BOLAND Arrival

The JOHN J. BOLAND became Erie's leading visitor today when she arrived in Erie at 1000 this morning with stone from Calcite. The vessel, loaded lightly with drafts of 22' forward and 24' aft, docked at the Mountfort Terminal and began unloading by 1045 hours.

This is the BOLAND's fourth visit of a diverse shipping season that has seen 14 vessels deliver 25 loads to the port.

Friday, July 13, 2007


The H. LEE WHITE arrived in port at 0630 this morning to unload stone at the Mountfort Terminal.


H. LEE WHITE arrived in port at 0630 this morning, docking at the Mountfort Terminal to unload stone from Calcite.

Another vessel loaded in Calcite, the JOHN J. BOLAND, is due in Erie at 0945 tomorrow.

Photos of the WHITE will follow this afternoon.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


H. LEE WHITE, loaded with stone from Calcite, Michigan, is due in the port of Erie at 0600 tomorrow on her second visit of the season.

Monday, July 9, 2007


RESERVE arrived in port at about 0130 on Monday morning, securing bow-in at the Mountfort Terminal to unload stone from Calcite. At around 0800 the vessel shifted to the Old Ore Dock to finish the unload. Lakeshore Towing's barges 501 and 502, which had hosted the fireworks for last week's Boom on the Bay July 4 celebration, are moored together at the east face of Erie Shipbuilding across from the Old Ore Dock, which caused some concern to the captain of the RESERVE, who worried about getting into the dock alongside of them. This proved to be no problem as the RESERVE easily slid up alongside the Old Ore Dock to complete the unload.

RESERVE prepares to leave the Mountfort Terminal.

In Erie harbor approaching the Old Ore Dock.

A push from the bow thruster as the RESERVE approaches the dock.

Lakeshore Towing's 501 and 502 at Erie Shipbuilding.

RESERVE closes in on the Old Ore Dock.

Close up of the bow of the RESERVE. Note the freshly painted pilothouse.

RESERVE crew member Scott Tomlinson prepares a line.

Alongside the Old Ore Dock..

Secured next to Lakeshore Towing's 501 and 502.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


RESERVE, loaded with stone from Calcite, becomes Erie's first arrival in more than two weeks when she arrives at 0100 Monday morning.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Historical Arrivals- July 4

Arrivals on July 4 in years past:

2006- ALGOWAY arrives with stone from Meldrum Bay and Bruce Mines for the Mountfort Terminal. A Canadian-owned vessel, ALGOWAY apparently is into arriving in Erie on July 4, as this is her second visit to the port on this date.

2005- ADAM E. CORNELIUS arrives with stone from Calcite for the Old Ore Dock.

2003- ALGOWAY arrives with stone from Meldrum Bay for the Mountfort Terminal.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Erie Shipbuilding Job Opening; Historical Arrivals

Erie Shipbuilding has an ad in today's Erie Times-News seeking a Project Planner/Scheduler. According to the ad the position's duties will include the complete scheduling of labor and materials for all ongoing projects and proposals. The candidate needs to be proficient in Microsoft Project software and have a knowledge of Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, along with having excellent written and oral communication skills. The ad states that salary will commensurate with skill and experience level, and that shipyard experience is a plus, although not required. Interested candidates should send resumes to:

Erie Shipbuilding LLC
Attn: Ken Boothe Jr.
220 East Bayfront Parkway
Erie, Pa 16507

Historical arrivals in the port on this date:

2006: WOLVERINE arrives with stone from Cedarville for the Mounfort Terminal and Old Ore Dock.

2003: AMERICAN REPUBLIC unloads stone from Calcite at the Mounfort Terminal.

1959: BEN E. TATE arrives with stone from Calcite.