Monday, July 2, 2007

Erie Shipbuilding Job Opening; Historical Arrivals

Erie Shipbuilding has an ad in today's Erie Times-News seeking a Project Planner/Scheduler. According to the ad the position's duties will include the complete scheduling of labor and materials for all ongoing projects and proposals. The candidate needs to be proficient in Microsoft Project software and have a knowledge of Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, along with having excellent written and oral communication skills. The ad states that salary will commensurate with skill and experience level, and that shipyard experience is a plus, although not required. Interested candidates should send resumes to:

Erie Shipbuilding LLC
Attn: Ken Boothe Jr.
220 East Bayfront Parkway
Erie, Pa 16507

Historical arrivals in the port on this date:

2006: WOLVERINE arrives with stone from Cedarville for the Mounfort Terminal and Old Ore Dock.

2003: AMERICAN REPUBLIC unloads stone from Calcite at the Mounfort Terminal.

1959: BEN E. TATE arrives with stone from Calcite.

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