Monday, July 9, 2007


RESERVE arrived in port at about 0130 on Monday morning, securing bow-in at the Mountfort Terminal to unload stone from Calcite. At around 0800 the vessel shifted to the Old Ore Dock to finish the unload. Lakeshore Towing's barges 501 and 502, which had hosted the fireworks for last week's Boom on the Bay July 4 celebration, are moored together at the east face of Erie Shipbuilding across from the Old Ore Dock, which caused some concern to the captain of the RESERVE, who worried about getting into the dock alongside of them. This proved to be no problem as the RESERVE easily slid up alongside the Old Ore Dock to complete the unload.

RESERVE prepares to leave the Mountfort Terminal.

In Erie harbor approaching the Old Ore Dock.

A push from the bow thruster as the RESERVE approaches the dock.

Lakeshore Towing's 501 and 502 at Erie Shipbuilding.

RESERVE closes in on the Old Ore Dock.

Close up of the bow of the RESERVE. Note the freshly painted pilothouse.

RESERVE crew member Scott Tomlinson prepares a line.

Alongside the Old Ore Dock..

Secured next to Lakeshore Towing's 501 and 502.

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