Monday, April 30, 2007


AMERICAN COURAGE, with stone from Port Inland, is due in Erie at 0730 on Tuesday, May 1.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


With repairs complete, the tug/barge unit JOSEPH H. THOMPSON/THOMPSON JR. departed Erie Shipbuilding at 1820 hours today, bound for Stoneport, Michigan to load stone. She's due there at 0100 on Friday. Below is a series taken as she departs the eastern slip of ESB and turns in the harbor, outbound for the lake.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Below are photos of the AMERICAN VALOR taken today. The VALOR arrived at 0815, docking at the Old Ore Dock, and finished unloading at 1745 this afternoon, backing slowly away from her berth alongside the THOMPSON and departing for Calcite, Michigan, in ballast. After her departure the J.S.St. JOHN moved from the Mounfort Terminal to the Old Ore Dock to be unloaded of her cargo of sand. The ST. JOHN was outbound to dredge another cargo of sand at 2100 tonight, an unusually late departure for her as she starts her two-run daily routine.


AMERICAN VALOR arrived in Erie at 0815 this morning and is now moored at the Old Ore Dock, aside the JOSEPH H. THOMPSON/THOMPSON JR. A full report and photos will follow sometime later today.

Monday, April 23, 2007


AMERICAN VALOR, with stone from Cedarville, Michigan, is due on Tuesday at 0815. This is her second visit since being renamed last June and the first visit for the ex-ARMCO since she was repainted this winter. After unloading in Erie she heads to Calcite to load for Duluth.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

First Ship Arrives, Decides to Stay For Awhile; Boland Arrives; Erie Management Group Continues to Chase a Rainbow

The tug/barge unit JOSEPH H. THOMPSON/JOSEPH H. THOMPSON JR. arrived in Erie at 0400 today to become the first vessel of the 2007 shipping season, arriving with stone from Calcite, Michigan for the Old Ore Dock.

However, the THOMPSON JR., which had been plagued by troubles with the differential in the propellor shaft since last year's repowering at Erie Shipbuilding, decided to spend some more time in port with the troubles, and early this afternoon moved across the slip to the east wall of Erie Shipbuilding. She'll be here a couple of days.

The JOHN J. BOLAND arrived at 0700 with stone from Calcite, backing into Erie harbor and tying up at the Mounfort Terminal. The BOLAND departed at around 1500 this afternoon.

Erie Management Group continues to attempt to start a container shipping service out of Erie, having recently acquired control of Great Lakes Feeder Lines, Inc. The company supposedly will start shipping containers through Erie this year; however as of yet they have not acquired the vessel they list on their website. EMG tried to beat Erie Shipbuilding out for the lease of the shipyard in 2005 on the basis that they would make it a multipurpose shipyard, container facility and warehouse; however at the time they asked the Port Authority to make $9,000,000 in upgrades to the facility before they even took over the facility. Seeing is believing and I'll believe this container service is the real thing once it has been up and running for several sucessful, profitable seasons. Several companies have tried to start container services similar to this one on the Lakes over the years, with little, if any sucess at all.

While along the harborfront today I noticed a CSX locomotive pull a train full of rail construction equipment up along the siding closest to Erie Shipbuilding. I'm not sure if this is for the construction of the new rail siding into the yard. I'll see what I can find out.