Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Luedtke's tug KRISTA S., towing hydraulic dredge barge LUCILLE T., arrived in Erie at 0615 this morning and docked the barge at the Mountfort Terminal. KRISTA S. departed after dropping the barge at the Mountfort Terminal.

KARL E. LUEDTKE, a smaller tug, arrived at 0650 towing DERRICK BOAT 11 and docked at the Mountfort Terminal, ahead of the LUCILLE T.

KRISTA S. returned to port at 0830 this morning towing 600 feet of dredge pipeline, and with assistance from KARL E. LUEDTKE, docked the pipeline at the Mountfort Terminal. The two tugs, barges and pipeline remain there.

KARL E. LUEDTKE, towing DERRICK BOAT 11, inbound.

Close up.

Stern view.

Stern view of the tow.

KARL turning to dock.

KRISTA S. towing 600' of pipeline into port.

Close up.

Stern view.

KARL stands by to assist KRISTA with docking the pipeline.

Docking the pipeline.

KRISTA S. backs around to moor next to LUCILLE T.

KARL backs away from the pipeline.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


SAGINAW delivered the fourth, and likely final, sand load of the season yesterday evening. SAGINAW arrived at 2030 and departed at around midnight bound for Toledo, Ohio to load coal.

SAGINAW backing into Erie harbor.

Swinging the boom out.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tall Ships 2013 to be Announced

Officials from the Flagship Niagara League will announce plans for the 2013 Tall Ships festival tomorrow at 1030 hours at the Bayfront Convention Center.

It's very likely that ships to be scheduled for the event won't be announced at the conference. Keep watching Erie Shipping News and I will post as the ships announce their visits.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Blount Small Ship Adventures's cruise vessel GRANDE MARINER arrived in Erie on its second cruise of the season at 1130 hours this morning. GRANDE MARINER, as usual, docked on the west side of Dobbin's Landing after arriving from Cleveland. GRANDE MARINER will be departing shortly after midnight bound for Buffalo.

Gannon University's ENVIRONAUT inbound about 15 minutes ahead of GRANDE MARINER.

Towboat TITAN inbound with a disabled vessel in tow.

Sailboat GAD ABOUT TOO outbound.

LADY KATE outbound.


Stern view.

Turning for the dock.

Approaching Dobbin's Landing.

Throwing a line over the side.


Cruise ship GRANDE MARINER should arrive Erie at around 1130 today.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


AMERICAN MARINER arrived in port at around 0400 on the 4th of July and docked at the Old Ore Dock to unload stone from Cedarville, Michigan. The vessel unloaded throughout the morning before departing at around 1400, bound for Calcite, Michigan to load another stone cargo.

. JOHN J. BOLAND arrived in Erie at 1815 yesterday and docked at the Mountfort Terminal to unload stone from Calcite. BOLAND departed at 0630 this morning bound for Toledo, Ohio to unload coal.

AMERICAN MARINER pauses during unloading to allow a severe thunderstorm to pass.


AMERICAN MARINER turns in Presque Isle Bay to depart.

In the channel.

Close up.

Stern view.

Lakeshore Towing's towboat TITAN follows AMERICAN MARINER out, on its way to one of 11 requests for assistance the company handled on one of the busiest boating days of the year.

JOHN J. BOLAND inbound.

Close up. BOLAND is similar in design to the MARINER but significantly shorter.

Stern view.

Heading for the Mountfort Terminal.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


DOROTHY ANN/PATHFINDER unloaded stone in Erie on Monday morning and departed at 1030 hours.

AMERICAN MARINER, laden with stone from Cedarville, Michigan, is expected in Erie at 0400 on Wednesday morning. MARINER should be outbound sometime around 1000 hours on Wednesday. JOHN J. BOLAND, with stone from Calcite, Michigan, is expected in Erie at around 1630 on Wednesday.

This is AMERICAN MARINER's first visit to Erie since December 7, 2006. Of note, Erie Shipping News was less than a month old on that last visit.

DOROTHY ANN/PATHINDER preparing to depart the Old Ore Dock on Monday morning.

Another view of the tug-barge unit.

Turning for the channel.

In line for the piers.



Stern view.

Outbound for Marblehead, after stopping in Cleveland for repairs.

Monday, July 2, 2012


DOROTHY ANN/PATHFINDER are currently unloading at the Old Ore Dock and should depart several hours from now.