Tuesday, January 18, 2011


PRESQUE ISLE is expected out of Detroit at 2130 this evening, and due in Erie at 0930 Wednesday, ice permitting.

EDGAR B. SPEER arrived in Erie about 33 hours later than originally expected when it arrived in Erie at 2100 on Monday.

Tug MANITOU arrived at 1850 Monday evening and opened the channel for the SPEER. The MANITOU waited in the harbor as the SPEER attempted to enter about an hour later, but at 2030 hours the SPEER requested that the MANITOU leave the harbor and escort the SPEER in. At that time the SPEER's captain requested that MANITOU open up the ice on the vessel's port quarter, describing the ice field as "real sticky." MANITOU opened that water up, and the SPEER reported at 2050 that the port side had moved a little, and they hoped to get the 1004' long vessel lined up for the channel completely by hitting the harder ice they were approaching. The SPEER's captain requested that the MANITOU not get too far ahead of him in case he got stuck again.

At 2111 hours the MANITOU told the SPEER that he was prepared to leave Erie and head up the lake to meet up with the CASON J. CALLAWAY, which the MANITOU was to escort into Sandusky, Ohio to finish loading a coal cargo started in Ashtabula. The SPEER's captain asked the MANITOU to wait, however, until he got in and turned around. The MANITOU later offered assistance to the SPEER in turning, and began to turn the SPEER at 2145 hours. By 2156 the SPEER told the MANITOU to stop pushing, and he began to back into the slip. At 2205 the SPEER released the MANITOU, telling the tug's captain that he'd possibly see them in the spring; the MANITOU departed and the SPEER was all secure at the Old Ore DOck by 2330.

The SPEER is the first of three vessels to arrive in Erie for winter layup. Expected Wednesday is the PRESQUE ISLE, which is currently at Detroit's Ecorse U.S. Steel plant to unload iron ore before proceeding to Erie, where it is expected to arrive Wednesday. PRESQUE ISLE, as usual, will be docking at the Mountfort Terminal. Also expected Wednesday or Thursday is the CASON J. CALLAWAY, going to the West Slip. CALLAWAY is currently loading in Sandusky and due in Detroit tomorrow to unload before heading to Erie.

Work continues on the KEN BOOTHE SR. at the West Slip. The tug's radar mast is now up. I have also been informed that Donjon's newsletter was a misprint and the barge SEAJON ENTERPRISE will, in fact, be 740 feet long.

Tug KEN BOOTHE SR at dock on Wednesday.

Close up of the pilothouse.

WITTE 1407 and the PRESQUE ISLE's cofferdam at the Mountfort Terminal.

MANITOU inbound.

Breaking ice at the Old Ore Dock.

Stern view.

Breaking ice.

Pushing on the SPEER.

Another view.

SPEER at dock, with ballast pumped out already, on Thursday.

Another view.

With the WITTE 1406 in the crowded slip.

SEAJON ENTERPRISE under construction at Donjon.

KEN BOOTHE SR. at dock. Note that the plastic coverings on the windows have been removed.

Close up of the elevated pilothouse.

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