Thursday, July 10, 2008

CLIPPER LANCER Arrives; PRESQUE ISLE, TWOLAN Due Friday; Meet the Ship Modelbuilders

The tanker CLIPPER LANCER departed the anchorage at Port Weller, Ontario last night at around 2230 hours and began upbound through the Welland Canal bound for Erie, after the crew spent the previous two days at anchor cleaning the cargo tanks in preparation for the biodiesel load waiting in Erie.

The LANCER arrived in port today at 1600, slowly turned in Presque Isle Bay and docked at the Mountfort Terminal.

The CLIPPER LANCER joined the cofferdam built for the PRESQUE ISLE at the Mountfort Terminal today; the cofferdam was towed over there this morning by Lakeshore Towing's tugs FLATTOP and DON HENRY. The cofferdam is waiting to perform repairs on the PRESQUE ISLE's propeller shaft seals when she arrives in ballast from Conneaut at 1100 hours on Friday.

Also due on Friday is the tug/barge W.N. TWOLAN/McALLISTER 132 with lumber and paper products from Thunder Bay.

The Erie Maritime Museum invites the public to meet three of the area’s finest ship modelbuilders on Saturday, July 12, noon to 3 p.m. at the museum.

Allison Taylor, Skip Nagle and Pete Gonzalez have built, repaired and refurbished ship models on display at the museum. Their talents and skills have produced beautiful, musuem-quality work that honor ships and boats–some long gone--built in Erie and the region.

The public is invited to meet the men, see their work, ask questions, get tips, and talk about how to get involved in becoming a volunteer to help with work on various projects.

Erie’s history of boat building is a rich one and this event offers a chance to talk with three of the city’s finest model builders and hear first-hand what goes into building ship models.

The event will take place at the Erie Maritime Museum, 150 East Front St.

CLIPPER LANCER approaching Erie.

In the channel.


Stern view.

Passing the Mountfort Terminal.

Turning in Presque Isle Bay.

CLIPPER LANCER approaches the Mountfort Terminal.

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