Saturday, December 29, 2007

Looking back at 2007, Part 1 of 3: Season in Review

Aided by new commodities handled by the port in 2007, Erie saw 52 vessels in port, up four from 48 in 2006. The season, as in 2006, saw a great variety of vessels delivering cargo to the port.

Compared to 2006, two of the three major cargoes handled by the port (stone, salt and sand) saw an increase in the number of cargoes handled. Forty-three (43) stone cargoes were delivered to the port in 2007, compared to 41 in 2006. Three salt loads in 2007 was an increase from two in 2006. Due to the lack of federal funding provided for beach replenishment in 2007, only two cargoes of sand were delivered to the port, compared to three in 2006.

Overall, the port of Erie in 2007 handled 43 loads of stone, 3 loads of salt, 2 loads each of sand and paper products, one load of project cargo, and additionally shipped one load of biodiesel. More on that shipment tomorrow.

Calcite, Michigan once again led all Great Lakes ports in the number of cargoes shipped to Erie in 2007. Eighteen of the 43 loads of stone shipped to the port of Erie originated in Calcite, compared to 27 in 2006. Cedarville, Michigan followed with 14 cargoes of stone (7 in 2006), followed by Bruce Mines, Ontario with 7.5. Fairport, Ohio shipped three loads of salt to Erie. Thessalon, Ontario shipped two loads of sand and a half-cargo of stone. Stoneport and Port Inland, Michigan also contributed stone cargoes, with two and one shipped to the port, respectively. One load of project cargo, shipped to the port aboard the DAVIKEN, originated in Antwerp, Belgium, and two loads of paper and lumber products originated in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

For individual vessels, AMERICAN COURAGE, the 2006 leading visitor with seven visits, tied with JOHN J. BOLAND (no visits in 2006) with seven visits. Following them was the ADAM E. CORNELIUS with four (four in 2006, down from 19 in 2005), and the H. LEE WHITE and RESERVE tied with three each. Numerous other vessels visited the port at least one time in 2007.

Coming Monday: A look back at the most noteworthy harborfront happenings of 2007.

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