Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dredging Continues; TOBAGO waits for cargo

Dredging continues at the Old Ore Dock, and Lakeshore Towing is really making progress removing the shoaling that has occured within the slip.

Meanwhile, CLIPPER TOBAGO is expected to begin loading late this week.

A U.S. Coast Guard buoy tender should be arriving soon to replace the summer buoys in the harbor with unlighted winter markers.

CLIPPER TOBAGO at dock on Wednesday.

Another view.

The "island" created by the offloading of dredged material gets bigger with every load of sediment.

FLATTOP and DON HENRY push Lakeshore Towing's barge 501 through the channel, toward the South Pier.

Tug FLATTOP glistens in the late afternoon sun.

Stern view as the trio approaches the Pier.

Barge 501 holds the dredged material.

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