Wednesday, December 26, 2007

DAVID Z. in port

DAVID Z. arrived in port with stone from Calcite at 1030 this morning, docking at the Mountfort Terminal and unloading for a short time before shifting to the Old Ore Dock to unload. The DAVID Z. departed at 1915 Wednesday evening.

Dredging work, after a break for the Christmas holiday, continues at the Old Ore Dock.

DAVID Z. inbound.

Passing Erie Pierhead Light.


Passing Lakeshore Towing's FLATTOP and DON HENRY.

Close up.

Stern view.

Backing down as the vessel approaches the dock.

Approaching the dock.


Manouvering into the dock.

FLATTOP is on the stern as DON HENRY moves barge 501 from the South Pier.

Turning to head back to the Old Ore Dock.


DON HENRY pulls on 501.

Barge 501 and tug FLATTOP.

Stern view.

DAVID Z. shifts docks at 1345 hours.

FLATTOP and DON HENRY return with the empty 501 shortly after the DAVID Z. docks.

Moving the barge to dock.

DAVID Z. unloads as dredging begins again.

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magogman said...

I just found your blog following a link from your comment on my blog. This is fantastic. I am going to have to spend major time going through this. Excellent job. Just did a short blog on the QE2 in Quebec City in September. Best wishes, Dave