Friday, December 21, 2007

Lakeshore Towing pulls two barges from shipyard; PILGRIM bound for the cutter's torch

This morning at 1000 hours Lakeshore Towing crews, with tug FLATTOP and towboat DON HENRY, took a break from dredging the Old Ore Dock and proceeded into the drydock at Erie Shipbuilding. By 1030 the duo emerged with FLATTOP pulling and DON HENRY on the stern of the fourth of six deck barges built by the shipyard, the WITTE 1401. The barge is owned by Donjon Marine.

Lakeshore Towing crews pulled the barge to the far southern end of the West Slip, mooring it at alongside the pier with help from Erie Shipbuilding crews, then departed for the drydock. At 1130 hours FLATTOP and DON HENRY pulled deck barge SUE B. out of the drydock, mooring it alongside the WITTE 1401. The SUE B. was christened in September, however, it became the fifth of the six deck barges to emerge from the shipyard.

The final deck barge is the WITTE 1402, which will likely be completed soon.

At 0930 hours today, fishing tug BIG TONY took PILGRIM, the former fishing tug that sank under the weight of snow and ice last February, in tow from the East Canal Basin bound for Perry's Landing Marina. The PILGRIM reportedly will be lifted from the water and scrapped. A sad ending to yet another link to Erie's commercial fishing past.

Lakeshore Towing's new barge 401 took its first load of dredged material from the dredging site at the Old Ore Dock this afternoon.

Click here to view a short video clip of the first tow.

FLATTOP and DON HENRY pull WITTE 1401 from drydock.

Turning the barge and lining up for the West Slip.

Close up.

FLATTOP and DON HENRY pull the barge into the West Slip.


WITTE 1401. Lakeshore Towing owner Eric Guerrein is standing on the bow directing the tow.

WITTE 1401.

DON HENRY on the stern.

Bringing the barge to a stop.

FLATTOP waits while the crew on the barge releases the tow line.

FLATTOP comes around to push the barge alongside the pier.

FLATTOP and DON HENRY push the barge alongside the pier.

Securing the barge.

FLATTOP departs for the drydock to tow SUE B.

FLATTOP and DON HENRY pull SUE B. from drydock.

FLATTOP and DON HENRY pulling on the barge.

Aligning the barge for the West Slip.

Into the West Slip.


Another view.

Bringing the barge alongside WITTE 1401.

FLATTOP comes around to push again.


Rafting the barges together.

FLATTOP and DON HENRY push the barge alongside the pier.

BIG TONY takes PILGRIM under tow.

PILGRIM at Perry's Landing Marina.

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