Thursday, October 11, 2007


WOLVERINE, loaded with stone from Bruce Mines, Ontario, arrived in Erie at 0530 this morning. The vessel turned in the harbor before docking at the Mountfort Terminal to unload. Several delays and breakdowns delayed the unloading and the WOLVERINE did not depart until 1620 this afternoon bound for the Norfolk Southern coal dock in Ashtabula to load.

Late this morning Lakeshore Towing's DON HENRY took pleasure craft Endless Endeavour alongside and moved it from the East Canal Basin into the West Canal Basin.

WOLVERINE unloading at 0815 this morning.

Hanging off the dock, the WOLVERINE neded to swing the boom out to almost a 90-degree angle to reach the pile.

Shortly before noon, a lone seagull braves the elements as the WOLVERINE unloads.

DON HENRY outbound the East Canal Basin.

Close up.

...And into the West Basin.

WOLVERINE unloading at 1235.

Lakeshore Towing tug FLATTOP inbound at around 1515 hours.

Finished unloading as the sun peeks out at 1612.

WOLVERINE departs the dock.

Moving away.

Lining up for the channel.


In the channel.

Close up of the stern.

Stern view.

Outbound for Ashtabula as a flock of seagulls stirs along the North Pier.

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