Saturday, October 6, 2007

Historical Arrivals: October 6

Arrivals in Erie on October 6 of years past:

1949- COL. JAMES PICKANDS, with ore from Superior, arrives at the Pennsylvania Railroad's Ore Dock (now the site of O-N Mineral's Erie Operation) with ore from Superior. Later in the day the PICKANDS cleared in ballast for Duluth.

1960- PRINS WILLEM GEORGE FREDERIK, a Norwegian flagged vessel, arrives in Erie, docking at the Duquense Marine Terminal to load packaged oil for Europe. Duquesne Marine Terminal is now the site of Erie Shipbuilding.

1972- Great Lakes Towing's LAURENCE C. TURNER and MARYLAND, towing the bow for the barge PRESQUE ISLE, arrive in Erie from Defoe Shipbuilding in Bay City, Michigan and dock at Litton Industries.

1990- STELLA DESGAGNES arrives at the Codan Corporation with pig iron.

2006- AGAWA CANYON arrives at the Mountfort Terminal with stone from Meldrum Bay and Bruce Mines.

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