Friday, October 26, 2007


The second of six deck barges being built at Erie Shipbuilding, the PAV 102, was towed out of drydock by Lakeshore Towing's tug FLATTOP and towboat DON HENRY at around 4:30 this afternoon. FLATTOP and DON HENRY moved the barge to the West Slip and secured it in the same position that PAV 101 had been moored in until it departed under tow of HERBERT P. BRAKE earlier this week.

FLATTOP tows the PAV 102.

Turning the barge and lining up for the West Slip.

In the harbor, aligning with the West Slip.

DON HENRY stands by to assist.

Approaching the West Slip.

Lining up.

DON HENRY pushes on the barge.

FLATTOP pulls the barge into the West Slip.

PAV 102.

FLATTOP comes around to push on the PAV 102.

DON HENRY pushes on the barge.

FLATTOP, DON HENRY and PAV 102 in the West Slip.

FLATTOP works the barge up the dock.

Another job well done, FLATTOP departs for home.

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