Sunday, October 21, 2007


The first of the six deck barges being built as a joint venture between Donjon Marine and Port Albany Ventures is scheduled to depart Erie under tow of Port Albany Ventures tug HERBERT P. BRAKE on Monday morning.

Saturday morning, ahead of the high winds that have plagued Erie harbor for the past two days, the BRAKE shifted to East Dobbins Landing and is moored behind the VICTORIAN PRINCESS. Sunday afternoon, the WITTE 4003 and one of the deck barges were moved out of Erie Shipbuilding and tied up alongside the shipyard's pier at the West Slip. However, the deck barge moved out was not the SUE B., which was christened in the dual christening ceremony with the WITTE 4003 on September 26.

The barge brought out of the drydock today was named PAV 101, and is owned by Port Albany Ventures. The barge, when it leaves, is bound under tow of the BRAKE for Albany, New York, via the New York State Barge Canal.

HERBERT P. BRAKE at Dobbin's Landing today.

Stern view.

Overhead stern view.

Another overhead view.

Stern view of the WITTE 4003.

PAV 101.

Bow view of the WITTE 4003.

Another view of the WITTE 4003.

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