Thursday, January 15, 2015

PATHFINDER Moved into Drydock

Tug NEW YORK began icebreaking operations at 0700 on Wednesday morning in preparation for barge PATHFINDER to be moved into drydock. After several hours of breaking work, NEW YORK entered the drydock at Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair at 1100 and emerged with a section of new barge, which it moored in the West Slip. At the same time, DOROTHY ANN backed PATHFINDER away from the West Slip into Presque Isle Bay. The duo stood by awaiting for NEW YORK to emerge from the drydock, at which time DOROTHY ANN pushed her barge into drydock.

Once the barge was inside the tug backed away from the barge and stood by in the bay until the drydock gate was closed, at which time DOROTHY ANN moored on the north side of the shipyard, where it will spend the winter before getting underway for the 2015 season in March.

PATHFINDER is the first Interlake Steamship Company vessel to be drydocked at Donjon since PAUL R. TREGURTHA was put into drydock for inspection after a 2012 grounding.

DOROTHY ANN laying alongside the West Slip on Wednesday morning.

NEW YORK beginning icebreaking operations.

NEW YORK is covered in ice from her trip down the lake from Ashtabula.

Another view of the 1913-built tug.


Breaking ice alongside the PATHFINDER.


Another view.

DOROTHY ANN/PATHFINDER backing away from the West Slip later in the morning.

Another view.


Coming around to line up for the drydock.

Bow view.

NEW YORK emerges from the drydock.

Turning for the West Slip.

With PATHFINDER in the background.

In the West Slip.

Stern view.

DOROTHY ANN pushes PATHFINDER into drydock.

NEW YORK returns from the slip.

DOROTHY ANN backing out.


This photo captures the contrast between the 1999-built, 7,200 HP Z-drive DOROTHY ANN and the 1913-built, 1,250 HP single-screw NEW YORK.

DOROTHY ANN turns circles in the bay waiting for the drydock gate to be put back into place.

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