Thursday, January 22, 2015

BLOUGH Arrives; Two Still to Come

Assisted by tug NEW YORK, ROGER BLOUGH arrived in Erie at 0800 Wednesday morning and, after battling the ice in Presque Isle Bay, backed into the Old Ore Dock for winter layup. BLOUGH was all secure around 1215 on Wednesday afternoon.

PRESQUE ISLE is expected to arrive as early as Friday morning. The ship began unloading in Conneaut at 0800 this morning following CASON J. CALLAWAY's departure from the port. THUNDER BAY arrived in Conneaut this morning around 0430 to load it's final coal cargo of the season; this will put THUNDER BAY in Erie on Friday night or Saturday morning.

NEW YORK races out to break ice for the BLOUGH.

Another view.

NEW YORK rolls as she hits plate ice at speed.

Stern view.

BLOUGH with the NEW YORK breaking ice.

NEW YORK turns to head back in.


Another view. BLOUGH spent 24 hours cleaning tanks off of Erie harbor before heading in Wednesday morning.

Passing the lighthouse.

Close up.

BLOUGH's pointy bow makes her a good icebreaker.

Close up of ROGER BLOUGH's short shuttle boom in it's cradle. .

Stern view.

Heading into Presque Isle Bay.

In the bay.

NEW YORK makes a pass into the Old Ore Dock.

Turning the other direction. BLOUGH took nearly three hours of battling the ice to get into the slip.

NEW YORK in the slip.

Overhead view.

Approaching the dock.

PATHFINDER in drydock.


Brian W said...

Hey Jeff, has the Blough ever backed in before? Also, where are the Thunder Bay & Presque Isle supposed to tie up?

Jeff Thoreson said...

BLOUGH has not backed in before; the last time she layed up here she was supposed to but did not due to ice.

THUNDER BAY will be at Donjon and PI in her normal spot at Mountfort.