Monday, January 12, 2015


After a long battle with Lake Erie ice since leaving Detroit on Saturday, tug DOROTHY ANN and her barge, PATHFINDER, arrived in Erie at 0800 this morning with icebreaking assistance from Great Lakes Towing's NEW YORK. The duo docked at the West Slip at around 0900. The articlated tug-barge will be drydocked on Wednesday morning for the barge's five-year survey at Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair.

This is the first time tug DOROTHY ANN has spent a winter in Erie. As the steamship J.L. MAUTHE, barge PATHFINDER spent the winter of 1992-93 layed up on the east side of Erie Marine Enterprises, where FARRELL 256 is currently moored. This is also the first time a vessel from Interlake Steamship Company has spent a winter layup in Erie since the winter of 1999-2000, when JAMES R. BARKER and MESABI MINER spent the winter in the port.

DOROTHY ANN/PATHFINDER in the channel on a snowy Monday morning.

Passing the lighthouse.

Another view.

The channel ice had been broken earlier in the morning by tug NEW YORK.

Close up.

DOROTHY ANN is the largest Z-drive tug on the Great Lakes.

On deck, the crew prepares for docking at the West Slip.

NEW YORK breaks ice ahead of the PATHFINDER.

Stern view.

Turning for Presque Isle Bay.

NEW YORK runs into the West Slip to break ice ahead of DOROTHY ANN/PATHFINDER.

Another view.


Side view.

Having broken the ice, NEW YORK proceeds out of the slip.

Stern view of NEW YORK.

PATHFINDER comes ahead. The duo would pull farther up into the slip than normal due to icy bollards at the north end of the West Slip.

Another view.

Approaching the slip.

With NEW YORK alongside.

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