Friday, June 22, 2007


The JOHN J. BOLAND docked at the Mounfort Terminal at 1800 this afternoon to unload a cargo of type 2A and type 57 limestone from Cedarville, docking just ahead of the J. S. St. JOHN. About three hours earlier the GREGORY J. BUSCH and barge STC 2004 silently worked in to the Mounfort Terminal to wait weather. The BUSCH and her barge were bound from Buffalo, where they had unloaded a cargo of windmill components from Duluth, to Saginaw and were delayed by high winds on Lake Erie. Judging by the forecast they may be here a day or more. The BOLAND unloaded at the Mounfort Terminal until 2300 before shifting to the Old Ore Dock to finish unloading.

15 second time exposure shows the Boland unloading at 2201 this evening. The J. S. St. JOHN can be seen behind her and the starboard side of the BUSCH just off the starboard bow.

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