Sunday, June 3, 2007


The pretty steamer RESERVE arrived in Erie at 2300 on Saturday night loaded with stone from Cedarville. After unloading at the Mounfort Terminal for a few hours the vessel shifted over to the Old Ore Dock at around 0500 to finish unloading. The RESERVE finally departed Erie at approximately 1315 this afternoon after a long unload. Also outbound at the time of the RESERVE was local tour boat LADY KATE, which cut across the bow of the RESERVE in the channel.

On her way out the RESERVE passed the H. LEE WHITE, which arrived at 1100 this morning loaded with stone from Stoneport. The WHITE passed the Brig NIAGARA off of the harbor entrance before entering. The vessel turned in the harbor and docked at the Mounfort Terminal to begin unloading and moved over to the Old Ore Dock later this afternoon to finish unloading before departing at 1940 this evening.

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