Thursday, June 5, 2014


With assistance from RHODE ISLAND and IOWA, CSL NIAGARA backed away from the West Slip at 0745 on Wednesday, under tow of NEW YORK, and with a push from the RHODE ISLAND turned and departed. CSL NIAGARA spent the morning and much of the afternoon undergoing tests off of Erie before departing upbound for Superior at around 1600. The vessel will load coal, it's first cargo of the season after repairs to ice damage, in Superior.

NEW YORK tows the CSL NIAGARA away from McKEE SONS.

RHODE ISLAND stands by as the NIAGARA slowly backs away.

CSL NIAGARA slowly proceeds backward.

RHODE ISLAND moves in.

Approaching the NIAGARA.

RHODE ISLAND pours on the power.

Locomotives for export and the transformers unloaded by FEDERAL KUMANO last week sit on the dock. More transformers will arrive in mid-July aboard FEDERAL WESER.

NIAGARA rounds the Mountfort Terminal.


RHODE ISLAND and NEW YORK escorted CSL NIAGARA out before returning to Ashtabula.

CSL NIAGARA lines up for the channel.

With the tugs.

Another view.

Close up.

RHODE ISLAND outbound with Capt. Brad Sheppard in the window and Engineer Dave Kostik on deck.

Stern view.

NEW YORK on the starboard side.

Clearing Erie outbound.

A family of Canada geese at the East Avenue Boat Launch on Wednesday afternoon.

CSL NIAGARA stopped off of Erie.

NEW YORK departing Erie on the morning of May 24.

Later that afternoon, outbound to assist FEDERAL KUMANO.

Stern view.

FEDERAL KUMANO and the North Pier Light.

NEW YORK escorting the KUMANO inbound

Another view.

At the piers.

Close up of the KUMANO, paying its first visit to Erie.

KUMANO was loaded with transformers bound for a power plant in New York.

Close up.


Stern view.

In the bay.

NEW YORK pushing.

Another view.

Pouring on the power.


I will post the remainder of the photos - CSL NIAGARA's removal from drydock on May 25 - tomorrow.

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