Friday, June 6, 2014

Additional CSL NIAGARA Photos

Below are photos of the CSL NIAGARA being removed from drydock by the RHODE ISLAND and NEW YORK on May 25.

RHODE ISLAND pulls on the CSL NIAGARA as the ship departs drydock.

Another view with FEDERAL KUMANO in the background.

RHODE ISLAND comes around to push.

RHODE ISLAND lines up on the bow of the ship.

Pushing to slow the NIAGARA.

NEW YORK takes the stern.

Another view.


Bow-on view.


Another view of the 740' long ship.

Lining up for the slip.

With the NEW YORK.

NEW YORK pulls on the NIAGARA.

NEW YORK works on the stern to slow the ship.

A push from the bow thruster to keep the NIAGARA off the McKEE SONS.

Approaching the dock.

Donjon employees on the stern of the tug INVINCIBLE.

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