Sunday, November 18, 2012


Andrie's tug BARBARA ANDRIE and barge A-390 arrived in Erie from Monroe, Michigan at 0745 this morning and docked in the West Slip alongside Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair. Early tomorrow morning the tug will dock the barge A-390 in the graving dock at the shipyard, where it will undergo its five-year survey. Tug BARBARA ANDRIE will remain in Erie, docked on the east side of the shipyard, while the barge is in drydock.

BARBARA ANDRIE/A-390 are expected to be in Erie less than a month. The duo will spend the winter trading on Lake Michigan.

BARBARA ANDRIE/A-390 inbound shortly after sunrise.

Another view.

BARBARA ANDRIE was built in 1940 at Trinity Shipyard in Beaumont, Texas for Moran Towing as EDMOND J. MORAN.

Stern view of the single-screw tug.

Stern view as the duo enters Erie harbor.

Approaching Donjon.

Approaching the dock, the tug's captain relied on a deckhand on the bow of the barge to give him his position relative to the dock. The ANDRIE's pilothouse does not provide the visibility necessary for the captain to see for himself.

BARBARA ANDRIE backs on the barge, which has a bow line secured to the dock. By backing on the line the tug brought the stern of the barge around to be secured to the dock.

At dock this afternoon.


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