Monday, March 24, 2014

GOTT Update

After freeing HOLLYHOCK yesterday afternoon, EDWIN H. GOTT slowly proceeded westbound before getting stuck off of Erie. The vessel, with the assistance of HOLLYHOCK, attempted to break free from the heavy, windrowed ice off of Erie until stopping for the night around 2000 Sunday.

This morning, NEAH BAY departed it's base in Cleveland and headed eastbound, meeting up with the duo shortly after noon. In the meantime, CCGC GRIFFON and ALGOEAST passed the GOTT westbound, having a significantly easier time of the ice further north. After freeing HOLLYHOCK and GOTT, NEAH BAY is now proceeding westbound, leading the duo off of Conneaut, Ohio at this time. GOTT is bound for Detroit for fuel before heading to Two Harbors, Minnesota to load.

GOTT warms her engines at the Old Ore Dock at 1015 on Sunday morning.

Turning the corner at the Mountfort Terminal.

View from the North Pier.

Lined up for the channel.

In the channel.

View from the North Pier.

Another view.

Stern view.

Passing through the piers.


GOTT hits the ice.

North Pierhead lighthouse and EDWIN H. GOTT.

HOLLYHOCK trying to break itself free off of Beach 10.

GOTT off of Beach 10.

Side view in the ice.

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