Monday, May 20, 2013


After arriving in Erie at 2300 on Saturday and unloading stone at the Mountfort Terminal and Old Ore Dock, VICTORY/JAMES L. KUBER moved over to the Mountfort Terminal, and docked at the east end of that pier at 0840 on Sunday. KUBER began to take on a load of sand, previously dredged from the lake bottom, via portable conveyor.

KUBER loaded until about 0930 this morning before moving over to the North Pier to unload sand for beach replenishment. This is the first dry bulk cargo loaded onto a vessel in the port of Erie in many, many years. In the early 1990s the JOSEPH H. THOMPSON loaded coke here; that is believed to be the last cargo loaded from the port of Erie.

I will update with photos later today.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't GE ship some locomotives out of Erie a few years ago?