Thursday, April 18, 2013


After two months in drydock at Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair for engine work and an owner's inspection, OLIVE L. MOORE departed Erie this morning at 0900 bound for Toledo, Ohio. The MOORE will mate up with her barge, LEWIS J. KUBER, in Toledo and begin another season on the Great Lakes.

VICTORY/JAMES L. KUBER are still expected in Erie at around 0500 on Friday morning, weather permitting.

OLIVE L. MOORE turns enters the channel.

In between the piers.

The raised pilot house on OLIVE L. MOORE was added in 2006 in Escanaba, Michigan before the tug returned to Erie to mate up with LEWIS J. KUBER for the first time. The 1928-built MOORE has been modified numerous times over the years and this will likely be her last configuration.

Racing out the channel.

Stern view.

Outbound for Toledo.

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