Wednesday, April 15, 2009


PRESQUE ISLE departed Erie at about 1330 hours this afternoon after nearly three months in winter layup. The tug/barge unit departed the Mountfort Terminal at 1250 hours, turned in her namesake harbor and departed for Two Harbors, Minnesota, where the vessel is expected on Saturday to load iron ore.

The PRESQUE ISLE, due to the poor economy, stayed in layup about three weeks later than normal. Last year the vessel fitted out on March 22.

Later this week, possibly as early as tomorrow, the ROGER BLOUGH is expected to be towed to Conneaut to continue to sit out the 2009 season.

PRESQUE ISLE departing the Mountfort Terminal.

Entering Presque Isle Bay.

In the bay.


Turning for the channel.

Bow view. The PRESQUE ISLE, due to its massive size and awkward handling, moved as far to the north side of the channel as possible before straightening out.

In the channel.

Next destination: Two Harbors, MN.

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