Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Tugs MANITOU and PATRICIA HOEY arrived in Erie this morning at 0130 and tied up on the Erie Shipbuilding side of the Old Ore Dock slip; the MANITOU docked near the bow of the BLOUGH and the HOEY near the stern. The tow of the BLOUGH to the P&C Coal Dock in Conneaut was scheduled to get underway this morning but was delayed due to high winds. The MANITOU and HOEY plan on trying again tonight. The PATRICIA HOEY will take the stern line of the BLOUGH and pull it from the Old Ore Dock as the MANITOU guides the bow out. Once out, the vessel will be turned and pulled out to Conneaut. The tow is expected to take between six to ten hours.

Coast Guard Cutter HOLLYHOCK arrived in port at around 1730 today, turned in the harbor and docked at the Coast Guard station to load summer buoys. The HOLLYHOCK is working on replacing buoys in the channel at the moment and when departing will be headed to the Detroit River area.

J.S. St. JOHN, BLOUGH and MANITOU at dock this morning.

Mbr>BLOUGH at dock.

Overhead view.

MANITOU at dock.


The view from the bridge of the PATRICIA HOEY. I'd like to thank Capt. Bill of the PATRICIA for the opportunity to get these photos.

The 1800-horsepower diesel on the HOEY.

On deck.

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