Tuesday, February 19, 2008

English requests Army Corp of Engineers Funding for Dredging

U.S. Rep. Phil English of Erie reportedly has written to the Director of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Office of Management and Budget requesting that they release funds for dredging of Erie Harbor in 2009. Erie will know later this spring if that request is granted.

President George W. Bush has continually cut the Army Corps budget, leaving dredging to suffer. Low water is currently a problem throughout the Great Lakes; Presque Isle Bay, except for a few trouble spots, such as the Old Ore Dock that Lakeshore Towing recently dredged, seems to not have as many problems. The water depth in the channel is sufficient for vessels bound for the Mountfort Terminal to load to between 25 and 26 feet.

The last time the channel was dredged was in 1998, when Luedtke Engineering spent several weeks working in the harbor.

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