Saturday, December 13, 2014

McKEE SONS/INVINCIBLE to Depart; YANKEE Set to Leave; Miscellaneous News and Notes

After almost two years in long-term layup in Erie, McKEE SONS and tug INVINCIBLE are set to depart Erie as early as Sunday or Monday. The tug will take McKEE SONS to Muskegon, where she will come off of her charter to Grand River Navigation and be returned to her owners, who are based in Muskegon. GRN, which owns tug INVINCIBLE, is reportedly taking the tug to Sturgeon Bay, WI for modifications to push their barge LEWIS J. KUBER.

YANKEE has been out on sea trials this week and will be leaving Erie before the Seaway closes, perhaps as early as this week.

Locomotives are on the Mountfort Terminal and set for shipment before the Seaway closes at the end of the month.

Tug VAC is currently in port at Dobbin's Landing. HOLLYHOCK was in port replacing the summer buoys yesterday.

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