Monday, December 2, 2013


ALGORAIL arrived off of Erie this morning around 1030 with her second load of salt from Windsor delivered to the port this season. The ship turned outside of Buoys 1 & 2 and backed into the harbor to dock at the Mountfort Terminal.

After unloading, the 1967-built ALGORAIL departed at 1700 this afternoon bound for Windsor to load another salt cargo.

ALGORAIL backing into Erie at Buoys 3&4.

Another view.

In the channel.

Bow view.

ALGORAIL turns toward the dock.

Another view.

ALGORAIL moves toward the dock.

Starboard side view.

Backing into position.

Docking at Mountfort Terminal.

Finished unloading and ready to depart.

Moving away from the dock.


Close up.

Stern view.

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