Saturday, August 18, 2012


For the first time in well over fifteen years, the Queen of the Lakes, the PAUL R. TREGURTHA, is headed for Erie. TREGURTHA, the longest ship on the Great Lakes, seldom strays from her dedicated run from Superior, Wisconsin to the St. Clair Power Plant in St. Clair, Michigan.

It was on this run that the TREGURTHA went aground while downbound in the St. Mary's River on Wednesday morning. Three tugs, and over twenty-four hours after going aground, TREGURTHA was pulled free on Thursday morning, and anchored in the lower St. Mary's River for inspection. This inspection by divers found extensive damage to TREGURTHA's hull due to the rocky bottom in the St. Mary's River.

TREGURTHA is currently expected in Erie early tomorrow morning and will go to the east side of Donjon Shipbuilding, before being drydocked Monday morning. Of note, Erie's shipyard has been through four different operators since the last time the TREGURTHA was drydocked here. At the time, the yard was operated by Erie Marine Enterprises and has since changed hands to Metro Machine, Erie Shipbuilding, and Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair.

Keep checking Erie Shipping News for updates.

PAUL R. TREGURTHA the last time she was frydocked in Erie.

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