Sunday, January 8, 2012


LAKES CONTENDER, after delays due to weather, was winched stern first in the drydock at Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair beginning at 0900 this morning. Around that time the MANITOU moved the tug KEN BOOTHE SR. to the east side of the shipyard in preparation for the move of the LAKES CONTENDER.

At around noon, MANITOU took a stern wire from the barge and began to slowly pull the LAKES CONTENDER from the drydock. After the barge was most of the way out of the drydock, APALACHEE backed into position and took a wire from the bow. The APALACHEE pulled the bow west and the tugs started to move the new barge into the West Slip.

Unfortunately, the move did not go without incident. While inbound the West Slip the barge got away from the tugs and scraped the west pier by the cruise terminal in front of about thirty onlookers, leaving several scrapes on the paint of the barge.

Once the LAKES CONTENDER was secured at 1430 this afternoon the BOOTHE SR. was moved back to the West Slip and moored behind her barge. The drydock gate was then moved into place and the drydock will be pumped out, and the blocks will be reset for next week's arrival of the ROBERT S. PIERSON for drydocking.

When completed in the spring, the KEN BOOTHE SR./LAKES CONTENDER are expected to enter service under a bareboat charter to American Steamship Company.

APALACHEE and MANITOU at dock on Friday.


Turning to approach the east side of Donjon.

APALACHEE prepares to grab a line.

Into the Old Ore Dock.

1943-built APALACHEE working the CLEVELAND ROCKS.

MANITOU and the BOOTHE on the east side of the shipyard.

Overhead view.

MANITOU approaches the drydock.

Working the lines on the LAKES CONTENDER.

Approaching the West Slip with the new barge.

APALACHEE works hard.

Straightening out.

Getting ready to approach the West Slip.

Inbound the West Slip.

Close up of the LAKES CONTENDER.

APALACHEE poses nicely.

Stern view of the APALACHEE.

LAKES CONTENDER is within three feet of me as it comes near the west side bulkhead.

Scrapes on the new paint.

Bouncing off.

APALACHEE working to straighten the LAKES CONTENDER.

Working to dock the barge.

Another view.

MANITOU moves the drydock gate this afternoon.

BOOTHE SR. and her barge in the late afternoon sunlight.

The barge is 740 feet long and capable of carrying 38,000 tons of cargo.

LAKES CONTENDER in the late afternoon sun.

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