Monday, October 20, 2008

Lakeshore Towing Services Awarded Conneaut Dredging Contract

Lakeshore Towing Services on Friday was awarded a major contract to dredge Conneaut, Ohio's harbor. The project, awarded by the Conneaut Port Authority, expected to keep crews busy for most of the fall, involves the removal of around 30,000 cubic yards of sediment from around the boat launch, marina, municipal pier, and a connecting channel in Conneaut harbor. Dredging of the main shipping channel in Conneaut harbor was just completed in September by Luedtke Engineering.

Lakeshore, which tentatively plans on using tug DON HENRY, towboat TITAN and barge 401 for the project, beat out two other bidders on this project. The company is currently finishing up a project to rehabilitate Erie's water intake cribs for the Erie Waterworks.

Lakeshore tug DON HENRY, along with Marine Services of Erie's tug LOW BIDDER, working on the water intakes on Monday, October 13.

Another view. On this day, Lakeshore's barge 501 and Marine Services of Erie's crane barge were also involved, along with tug FLATTOP.

On this beautiful Monday Lakeshore's crews were busy setting concrete blocks.



Crane starts to lift another block from the deck of the barge 501.

Setting the block into the water.

The block slips under the surface.

LOW BIDDER moves away to shift the barges before setting another block.

Moving the barges.

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