Tuesday, July 1, 2014

MANITOWOC Unloads; Loads Sand

MANITOWOC arrived in Erie at 1430 on Monday and docked at the Old Ore Dock to unload stone. After unloading, MANITOWOC shifted over to the Mountfort Terminal to load sand for beach replenishment. Loading continued throughout the day Tuesday, and MANITOWOC finally moved to the North Pier to unload at around 1830 on Tuesday.

MANITOWOC turns for the channel on Monday afternoon.

Another view.

At Buoys 3&4.

Close up.

Stern view.

MANITOWOC slows in between the piers.

Lining up for the move to the North Pier.

LADY KATE passes by.

Moving forward.

Another view of the ship.

Stern view.

Approaching the dock.

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