Monday, July 14, 2014

BBC KIBO Departs

BBC KIBO spent Sunday night securing for sea, and departed the Mountfort Terminal this morning at 0600. The ship, ending it's first visit to the Great Lakes, turned in Presque Isle Bay and departed around 0630 bound for Mozambique. The ship is currently underway on Lake Ontario about 25 miles west of Rochester, NY.

Three more loads of locomotives are scheduled to leave the port this season.

FEDERAL WESER is expected on July 22 with three transformers.

BBC KIBO securing last night at sunset.

McKEE SONS at dock on Sunday night. Note the new railing that has gone up for the new dock wall.

Another view.

This morning, the South Pier's resident herring waits for a fish.

J.S. St. JOHN passes the BBC KIBO.

KIBO departs the dock.

Another view.


Passing the Mountfort Terminal and proceeding into Presque Isle Bay.

A few minutes later KIBO heads back out.

Turning for the channel.

KIBO's voyage will take about three or four weeks.

BBC KIBO was built in 2011, and Erie is the first port of call for the ship on it's maiden voyage to the Great Lakes.

Close up.

Stern view.


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