Friday, January 21, 2011

Thursday Videos - CASON J. CALLAWAY, tug MANITOU

Below are three videos of activity in Erie harbor yesterday. The first two are the CASON J. CALLAWAY's arrival, and the third is the movement of the KEN BOOTHE SR. I will post video from Wednesday's arrival of the PRESQUE ISLE and the move of the KEN BOOTHE SR. on Wednesday during the day tomorrow.


Wally Flower said...

I really enjoy your written and video coverage of the marine activities at the Port of Erie. You are doing an excellent job! The sequence of the Callaway coming into the harbor through the ice was one of the coldest and most interesting marine pictures I have seen. I have told several boating friends about your blog. Keep up the excellent work!

Jeff Orlando said...

+1 on Wally's comment. Did a sketch from one of the photos of Manitou and posted on my Flickr page. (sent a Flickr mail but then saw your permission statement on another post)