Friday, January 7, 2011


BELUGA ENDURANCE arrived in Newport, Wales on the 3rd of January and successfully unloaded four of the five locomotives loaded in Erie last month.

However, while unloading #70012, the final locomotive, a cable on the ship's crane snapped, dropping the locomotive about 13 feet into the cargo hold of the BELUGA ENDURANCE. Reportedly damage to the unit includes cracked axles, crushed bogies, and a bent frame. There have been no reports as of yet of damage to BELUGA ENDURANCE. It's too early to say what will become of the 700012, but with that damage it seems likely that it will be scrapped and replaced with another unit.

This unfortunate incident has spawned a fan page on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

great information page and just shows that ge should have the old alstom plant in birmingham to build the freightliner class 70 locos and lucky to say i have seen all 5 locos at newport,but abp will not allow anyone around when these are being unloaded and until they have left the docks,unless you are related to ge and freightliner uk,video footage at newport would have helped the insurers claim,and would be great if freightliner uk allow one person in the uk to be there whilst unloading these units,but a report would be grateful for been posted from erie,photos or video report for the uk fans.

Robert said...

Fear not, there's a photo of the banana-shaped loco here:

Shedmaster said...

Hello Jeff,

We' re pleased to be of help.
If any other rail related news items appear on your site, perhaps we may make refereence to them too?

Kind regards,

Peter ((ST News & Railway Matters)

The Pier Master said...

Photos of one of the survivors can be seen here: