Thursday, January 6, 2011

KEN BOOTHE SR. Update; Layup Update

Work continues on tug KEN BOOTHE SR. at the West Slip. The windows of the tug were unboarded today to reveal that there is not yet any glass in the windows; in fact, large sheets of plastic similar to garbage bags cover the openings where the tug's windows will go.

KEN BOOTHE SR. is reported about two months from completion, and will remain in Erie until its companion barge is finished and fits out in the spring of 2012.

Although the BOOTHE has been said to have been built to be a sister to the JOYCE L. VANENKEVORT, several differences exist among the two. I have posted photos of the BOOTHE and the VANENKEVORT below for comparison. Among the differences are the stack on the BOOTHE is lower, allowing 360 degree viewing from the pilothouse, the number of windows in the front of the pilothouse of the BOOTHE, and the cabin of the BOOTHE.

In today's layup update, EDGAR B. SPEER is due in Gary tomorrow morning to unload iron ore before returning to Two Harbors to load ore on its last trip. The PRESQUE ISLE is loading iron ore in Duluth for Detroit's Ecorse U.S. Steel Plant, where the vessel is expected on the 9th. CASON J. CALLAWAY is due in Conneaut to unload on the 8th, and then will head back to Two Harbors for one more trip.

All three vessels should layup here sometime around the weekend of January 15. I will continue to post position reports and track the progress of the three vessels toward Erie.

KEN BOOTHE SR. at dock this morning. The two bubblers were installed on the stern to keep the area around the propellers on the tug free of ice.

The cabin. The metal gratings on the upper level of the cabin were installed after the tug was floated from drydock.

Close up of the pilothouse of the BOOTHE SR.

KEN BOOTHE SR. on December 22.

Tug JOYCE L. VANENKEVORT departing Erie on April 15, 2008.

JOYCE L. VANENKEVORT at Erie Shipbuilding on April 14, 2008.

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