Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Great Lakes Towing's tug NEW YORK arrived from Ashtabula this morning and began breaking ice in Erie harbor in preparation for the move of the tug KEN BOOTHE SR from the drydock at Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair.

At 0800 the tug NEW YORK moved the WITTE 1406 to the east side of the shipyard across from the J.S. St. JOHN, and then moved the WITTE 1407 to the east end of the Mountfort Terminal. The movements will allow a vessel to be docked in the West Slip this winter.

At around 0930 shipyard crews removed the drydock gate, and at 1045 hours this morning the NEW YORK began to tow the tug KEN BOOTHE SR. out of the drydock, turning the tug in the harbor and backing it in to the north end of the West Slip. The BOOTHE will remain here all winter and is scheduled to be completed sometime in mid-February.

I will have video of this move posted tomorrow, along with video of the BELUGA ENDURANCE.

NEW YORK and WITTE 1406 sit at the Old Ore Dock.

NEW YORK sits in the ice near the Mountfort Terminal.

NEW YORK turning at the West Slip. In a moment the tug will begin backing toward the WITTE 1407.

Backing toward the WITTE 1407.

Securing a line to the barge.

Pushing the barge out of the dock, bound for the Mountfort Terminal.

Stern view.

Stern view of the tow as it heads into icy Erie harbor.

NEW YORK pulls the KEN BOOTHE SR out of drydock.

Releasing the tow line.

NEW YORK backs around the KEN BOOTHE SR.

KEN BOOTHE SR. is the first powered vessel to be built entirely in Erie. Although PRESQUE ISLE and the STEWART J. CORT were assembled here, they were not completely built here.

NEW YORK swings the BOOTHE around.

Stern-on view as the NEW YORK moves the tug.

Approaching the slip.

Nearing the dock.

Close up of the NEW YORK.

Approaching the dock.

Pulling on the tug.

Close up.

This 135-foot long, 10,500 horespower tug is a sister to the JOYCE L. VANENKEVORT.

NEW YORK pushes the BOOTHE into position.

NEW YORK moves around the tug.


Backing around to stop and dock for lunch.

Lowering a gangway onto the KEN BOOTHE SR.

Video of the NEW YORK moving the WITTE 1407.

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