Tuesday, December 21, 2010


BELUGA ENDURANCE departed Erie at 0900 this morning after spending nearly an hour turning in Presque Isle Bay. The vessel is expecting to be at Long Point at 1015 and CIP 16 (Port Colborne) at 1330. The ENDURANCE will be changing pilots at CIP 16 today and will be taking pilots all the way to Montreal with a load of canola seed and flax seed from Thunder Bay and locomotives from Erie. The BELUGA ENDURANCE will be stopping in Montreal for bunkers (fuel).

Calling in at Long Point right after the BELUGA ENDURANCE, and also downbound, was the HERMANN SCHOENING, with a cargo of corn from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and also bound for Montreal to bunker. The vessel, drafting 8.00 meters on both ends, was altering course toward the Canadian shore so that it could get cell phone coverage to call the Seaway Authority for service. The pilot reported that every member of the ship's crew was sick with food poisoning symptoms and the ship will need to be fumigated before continuing its downbound transit.

Video will follow this evening.

BELUGA ENDURANCE heads into Presque Isle Bay to turn around.



Another view.

Ice in the bay is reported at 5 to 6 inches thick.

In the channel the ice was not nearly as thick, having been broken open last night.

Close up of the BELUGA ENDURANCE.

Crew member on the BELUGA watches the vessel head outbound.

Ice on the vessel built up during its downbound transit.

Passing the Coast Guard station.

Stern view.

Next stop: Montreal.

HERMANN SCHOENING upbound in the Welland Canal bound for Milwaukee on December 12.

Stern view. Note the man on the ladder. The ladder was lowered here to check the vessel's draft markings, much to the pilot's dismay.

Entering Lock 2. On the 2010-built vessel's upbound transit, the bow thruster was not working.

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