Monday, December 20, 2010


The last of the GE Class 70 locomotives was loaded onto the BELUGA ENDURANCE this morning at about 1000. The crew of the ship has spent the rest of the day preparing the ship for its voyage. The BELUGA ENDURANCE has a departure prospect of sometime tomorrow.

The crane prepares to lift 70008.

Beginning to lift.

Turning the locomotive.


At deck level and beginning to swing the locomotive over the ship.

Close up of 70008.

Almost over the ship's hold.


The Wanderer said...

Keep a look out for the Beluga Endurance coming back. Apparently one of the Class 70s (70012) have been dropped 21ft at one end and is been returned to the builder.

What happened was they unloaded the rest successfully then when it came to the last one (70012) the Crane failed and one end of the logo dropped 21ft and is now been returned.

Jeff Thoreson said...

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately they won't be coming back to Erie as the St. Lawrence Seaway is closed. Probably will come to an east coast port.

The Wanderer said...

Is the seaway closed permently or closed due to weather. Ship has yet to leave UK yet due to investigations.

Jeff Thoreson said...

Closed for the winter due to weather. Will reopen in March.

The Wanderer said...

The bent Class 70 has been unloaded in Newport and put on the lowloader. Not sure where its going like.

Anonymous said...

The Seaway close every year around dec 24th untill spring due to ice