Saturday, May 1, 2010

VICTORY/KUBER Arrive, Open Port; Update on Barges at Erie Shipbuilding

Tug VICTORY and barge JAMES L. KUBER, last year's most frequent visitor to the port of Erie, arrived in Erie at 1100 this morning with stone from Calcite, Michigan. The duo docked at the Mountfort Terminal to unload. After docking, the vessel was passed by the outbound U.S. Brig NIAGARA.

NIAGARA and VICTORY were in contact with each other via radio to make passing arrangements, which led to some confusion for the crew of Canada Steamship Lines' CSL NIAGARA, which, at the time, was westbound on the lake for Ashtabula. The crew on CSL NIAGARA thought the VICTORY was hailing their vessel on the radio and answered the VICTORY's calls to U.S. Brig NIAGARA.

In other port news, WITTE 1406 and 1407 were scheduled to be taken out of Erie sometime soon by Donjon Marine's tug CHEYENNE, which last visited Erie in May 2008 to take delivery of several newly-built barges. However, I am informed that at this time the trip has been put on hold. I will update when I hear more.


Passing the lighthouse.

Stern view.

Approaching the dock.

NIAGARA outbound as the KUBER begins to unload its stone cargo.


NIAGARA outbound as the KUBER begins to unload its stone cargo.

CHEYENNE in Erie on May 22, 2008. The tug has since been painted a robin's egg blue.

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